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I believe… help my unbelief!

18th of April 2021

Cat Goodrich Faith Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, MD April 18, 2021 I believe… help my unbelief! Luke 24:36-48 There is a place that I have missed during the pandemic, somewhere I haven’t really thought about for a long time that I used to go fairly regularly… a place that probably looks pretty different these days.  That’s […]

Unfinished Business

6th of May 2018

Unfinished Business Rev. Christa Fuller Burns Faith Presbyterian Church Philippians 1:1-18 – May 6 2018 A letter from Christa, a servant of Jesus Christ, to all those in Baltimore, specifically those at Faith Church, who are God’s people. First of all, when Paul wrote a letter to his folk in Philippi, he addressed it to […]

Preaching to Chickens

29th of April 2018

Preaching to Chickens Rev. Christa Fuller Burns Faith Presbyterian Church Acts 17:22-31 – 29 April 2018 I am having a little debate with myself. It is not a particularly profound debate, like the debate I had when I decided to retire. No. I am debating whether to stay on Facebook! I am conflicted. On the […]

2016 Annual Report

21st of July 2017

2016 Annual Report