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How to Forgive

13th of September 2020

Cat Goodrich Faith Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, MD September 13, 2020 How to Forgive Matthew 18:21-35 The image on the front of the bulletin, if you printed it out, is a depiction of today’s parable, which involves an ungrateful servant grabbing another man by the neck to demand payment of a debt.  The parable is about […]

The Labor of Love

6th of September 2020

Cat GoodrichSeptember 6, 2020Faith Presbyterian Church The Labor of LoveMatthew 18:15-20 126 years ago, there was a strike in Chicago.  Workers who built Pullman rail cars had grown weary 16-hour days and low pay, so they refused to work.  As the strike wore on, tensions rose.  After a month, the workers were joined by the […]

Keys to the Kin-dom

23rd of August 2020

Cat Goodrich Faith Presbyterian Church August 23, 2020 Keys to the Kin-dom[1] Matthew 16:13-20 The last church I served had a sexton named Kandi.  She was often the first person to greet you if you came in the back door, and she loved to ham it up for visitors.  “Welcome to First Presbyterian Church,” she’d […]

Canaanite Lives Matter

16th of August 2020

Rev. Cat Goodrich Faith Presbyterian Church August 16, 2020 Canaanite Lives Matter Matthew 15: 21-28 When I was pregnant with Maddie, I read everything I could find about what was happening to my body. It was hard to comprehend the changes both inside and out As my belly swelled and my bones shifted and it […]

Deep Water

9th of August 2020

Rev. Cat Goodrich Faith Presbyterian Church, Baltimore August 9, 2020 Deep Water Matthew 14:22-33 On our trip to Maine a few weeks ago, we spent a blustery morning at Reid State Park – a gorgeous spit of land with miles of sandy beaches, along with rocky coastline for climbing and scrambling over, and tidal pools […]

Enough for Everyone

2nd of August 2020

Rev. Cat Goodrich Faith Presbyterian Church, Baltimore August 2, 2020 Enough for Everyone Matthew 14:13-21 The first meal I had in Mexico … the first meal that I remember anyway… was pozole, a hot chicken soup with hominy, bright with lime juice, spiced with chile and cilantro, and topped with creamy avocado. I ate it, […]

Who’s Missing?

12th of August 2018

Who’s Missing? Rev. Doris Cowan Faith Presbyterian Church 1 Samuel 16:1,6-13 & Psalm 133 – August 12, 2018 I’d like to talk to you today about church – the church as denomination – Presbyterian Church USA – and Faith Presbyterian Church – my spiritual home for many years! Baptized in a German Lutheran church – […]

Truth…Or Consequences

3rd of June 2018

Truth…Or Consequences Rev. Christa Fuller Burns Faith Presbyterian Church John 8:31-32, Ephesians 4:25-32  – June 3, 2018 This morning we are going to tackle the subject of truth. One of you recommended a sermon on the subject of truth, which, in all honesty, is kind of a broad topic. The danger in taking a topic […]

A String Around Your Finger

27th of May 2018

The String Around Your Finger Rev. Christa Fuller Burns Faith Presbyterian Church John 14:18-34 – May 27, 2018 As you can imagine, this leave-taking is a nostalgic time for me and I find myself doing a lot of remembering. In fact, most of the sermon on June 10th will be about things I remember, things […]

A Sheep of Your Own Fold

22nd of April 2018

A Sheep of Your Own Fold Rev. Christa Fuller Burns Faith Presbyterian Church Psalm 23 – April 22, 2018 Psalm 23 is the most requested scripture at a funeral and I am always impressed when I look out at a congregation so diverse, a congregation that includes Christians and non-Christians, young and old, people from […]